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Jinsei? Mou, ii deshou.

It seems I always fail writing a profile. So let me just - write something. ...Maybe the failure's more in the publishing part.
I don't know if that will be true any later, but just now I thought I like Drive ST and Kyouya x Tamaki.
I started 555 (few days ago, but I'm considerably slow) and seriously love the unvillainy of villains and lack of hero moments by heroes. Honestly, it's that thing KY does so well... When you feel that you can't throw around words like "villain", "evil", "bad", no matter how you look at it. Which is good because.. you know, you don't get heroes that beat the crap out of some living things and it's alright, 'cause it's mob demons or similar bullshit.
Apparently, I am capable of changing dress several times a day and it usually looks like a costume. - I am pretty whimsical, and always doll myself up depending on the mood. It can be a princess, or it can be a real grunge. So... Really. But since it can be "Heisei 1" or "pirate a, b, c, d, e, female ver", "adventurer", "90s resort area small-time gangster" or "the new 10s early 20s" or suddenly based on any character or event to attend or "any-random kei" -I guess it's a skill.
Well, overall, I am not very skilled. I can compose and write songs but unfortunately, not so much remember any of it. Maybe I can criticise and arrange things... Write fanfiction, if you count a whole bunch of impressionisstic short things often borderlining abstract, too often not including a single name.
I'm hungry. - Hungry, poor, forgetful/chaotic (it's basically the same thing). Those are the constants!
I love good food, people who give it, doing stuff. I hate my own inability, maybe, otherwise I'm bad at hating; and of course, there's an exception: I H-A-T-E dying. I want to live forever. I've always known I'd bear any torture before dying, now that's sort of proved, but I also think about the finiteness of existence and therefore everything too much. I'm sooo against dying. It's actually many years back - before everything went shit too - that I decided that even if I were to be rid of form in non-existence of space, even at that time I'd still want to be the one thing that's there. I guess...
I'm sort of good at not eating, not getting angry or brash, not being unhappy, doing things I can't do, being peaceful, etc... Can't say I'm particularly fond of it. But what can I do? I can't hold a grudge, hate, be angry, harm, destroy, freak out, panic, cry, fall apart, stop, not do what needs to be done - not when I know it's illogical. Or unreasonable? To put simply, stupid. Even if it would be, for me, good at a time, I just can't do something that is stupid in the long run once it is revealed to em that it is. Like a new rule to my program.
I'm confused. At the same time, I'm pretty sure I confused those around me more.
I also sort of watch Burn Notice and Ouran now; as for Ouran, the anime is just better than the manga. I always start there.
What else? Sometimes Ozaki Yutaka's songs give me fuel.
Technically, I'm stagnating. It's just that I do it very actively.
I... Well. I'm just something!
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